Monday, June 21, 2010

Holiday greetings

Hello everyone
We have not been able to use the computer for some time, sorry. We wish you a lovely holiday.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Welcome to our region- East Lothian!

This is a map of our region, East Lothian. East Lothian is found to the east of Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh. It's a beautiful region, with many lovely fields of farmland, rolling hills and a very attractive coastline. We have many beaches here in East Lothian- but the sea is not warm. Even in summer, the temperature of the water is only around 12- 13C, so if you want to swim here, you need to be able to get in and out of the water quickly!

There are several towns in East Lothian. Haddington is the largest town in the centre of the region, and other main towns include North Berwick, Musselburgh Tranent and Dunbar. We hope you can see our village of Gifford on the map! Welcome to East Lothian...

Gifford village

Our school is in the village of Gifford. About 700 people live in the village.

This is Gifford's beautiful church.

The village is in a valley in the Lammermuir hills. The Lammermuirs are known even in Savonlinna- where at Olavinlinna each year, an opera called Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor takes place! It's a small world!

In and around Haddington

Haddington is East Lothian's main administrative town. Around 9000 people live in the town.

This is the River Tyne, which flows through Haddington.

The River Tyne is East Lothian's biggest river.

Here is St Mary's church, which is on the banks of the river.


There are many castles in East Lothian. Most are just ruins now.

This is Tantallon Castle, which is near North Berwick.

Here is Dirleton Castle, which is in the village of Dirleton, west of North Berwick.

The Bass Rock

This is the Bass Rock. It is a huge rock, that sits in the sea, close to the town of North Berwick. You can visit the Bass Rock on a boat.

North Berwick

North Berwick is a very popular town in summer. Around 6200 people live there. North Berwick is next to the sea, and there are two lovely beaches there.

This beach is very close to North Berwick. It's called Seacliff beach.

This is a short video, showing North Berwick!

The town of Dunbar

This is Dunbar harbour. Around 7000 people live in Dunbar.


Dunbar's High Street.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Film making in class!

Last week we had a French film-maker in our class, called Pascal. He was filming us as we came to the end of a mini-project we did with a class in France and another class in Latvia.
We all prepared a three course European meal, and ate it live during a video-conference with the other classes. We also sung songs we had learned in the other two languages to each other. It was great fun!

Filming in class

We have prepared the Latvian dessert and we're showing it off to both the classes in France and Latvia"!

Filming in class

Filming us eating the Latvian dessert!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bandy match

Everybody want the ball, the sun shines and the ice is hard and slippery.

Bandy match

We are preparing for a bandy match in the rink, teachers vs 3-4 classes. Mr. Ikonen and Mr. Toroi are ready to fight.

Bandy match

One teacher fell, because pupils are very tough. Temperature is only about 10 degrees below zero.

Bandy match

Ms. Arokivi fell after her powerful shot.

Bandy match

There are all the teachers and pupils, because the game is over. The game was very even.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Burns Supper

Today in school our class hosted the annual Burns Supper. We have this every year, to remember Robert Burns, Scotland's most famous poet, who lived from 1759, to 1796.
In the video, you can see:
1) The most important guest, the haggis, being brought into the hall.
2) Burns' poem "The Address to a Haggis"
3) Three of the class telling a bit about Burns' life.
4) Burns poem "To a louse".

If you'd like to find out a bit more about Robert Burns, please have a look at this website.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rock climbing at Tranent Indoor Wall

Earlier today, some of us went with some of Mr Darling's class to learn how to rock climb, at Tranent Indoor Climbing Wall.
There, we learned some very important skills from our Outdoor Education specialist, Andy Duff:-
1) How to use the correct safety equipment when rock climbing.
2) How important it is to work safely.
3) How to work together well and support each other.
4) How to have fun!

And, it was great fun! Mr Purves, who did most of the filming, also had a go himself, and he enjoyed it too!
The rest of the Primary 5 class will have plenty to look forward to when they go rock climbing in February.

Friday, January 15, 2010

What a wonderful winter!

We have PE lesson today and we skied in the forest . The weather was good and we skied 3 km. The forest is especially beautiful this winter. There is a lot of snow in the forest, as you can see. We hope that you enjoy these pictures.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Arja and Mari build an igloo!

When all the snow fell recently here in Gifford, Arja and Mari, along with their sister, decided to build an igloo. This was the first time they had ever built an igloo, because they have never had so much snow here in Gifford. They had great fun!

Now for the roof!

Can you see Sini, who came to help Arja, Mari and their sister build the igloo?

The igloo is finished!

This is the finished igloo- the first they have ever been able to build!

With the finished igloo!

More than 8 hours after they started, Arja and Mari are finished, and they proudly admire their work, with other family members and friends.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Big Freeze in Scotland!

Happy New Year to everyone in Denmark and Finland!

We were supposed to start back at school yesterday, but it has been VERY cold in Scotland over the holidays, and we have had lots of snow.

On the TV, they are saying that it has been the coldest winter for almost 30 years here!

Although the children were off school today, some of the teachers got to school, and Mr Purves took these pictures of the playground and around the village. The temperature this morning in Gifford was -13C at 9am.

The parking area for the staff's cars.

The entrance to the playground!

Our janitor Alan had cleared a path through the snow in the playground. The snow is more than 40cm deep here!

Looking back to the car park from the school.

You can see how deep it is here!

In the village, there are lots of icicles like these.

A snowy scene at the church.

Danger of falling icicles!

This man was digging his car out of the snow at 3pm this afternoon!

More icicles.

You have seen this photo before, in the spring time. It's certainly different now!

Watch your head!

The road out of Gifford village.