Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Big Freeze in Scotland!

Happy New Year to everyone in Denmark and Finland!

We were supposed to start back at school yesterday, but it has been VERY cold in Scotland over the holidays, and we have had lots of snow.

On the TV, they are saying that it has been the coldest winter for almost 30 years here!

Although the children were off school today, some of the teachers got to school, and Mr Purves took these pictures of the playground and around the village. The temperature this morning in Gifford was -13C at 9am.

The parking area for the staff's cars.

The entrance to the playground!

Our janitor Alan had cleared a path through the snow in the playground. The snow is more than 40cm deep here!

Looking back to the car park from the school.

You can see how deep it is here!

In the village, there are lots of icicles like these.

A snowy scene at the church.

Danger of falling icicles!

This man was digging his car out of the snow at 3pm this afternoon!

More icicles.

You have seen this photo before, in the spring time. It's certainly different now!

Watch your head!

The road out of Gifford village.


Michael said...

Hello Scotland! I am glad to see your winter pictures! We also have sometimes icicles. Sometimes in spring winter they are over 1 meter long!

Michael said...

I am sure I would hit my head to that icicle.

Michael said...

Playground gate is almost blocked by snow!

jasmine said...

wow is a really great igloo! how did you do it?and nice pictures.

Jane said...

Wow! you have built a great igloo.