Friday, November 27, 2009

Welcome to Kuvansi

We made a bike trip, and there you can see our photos. The weather was cloudy. We hope you enjoy our pictures.


Mary and Linda is sitting in front of the barber.


Suzy is choosing by a new hair color.


Our school is next to the bakery, which also has a cafe. Suzy does not know how to decide, because he wants to eat everything.

Kuvansi River

On the other side of the river is Kuvansi and on the other side is Varkaus. The river is the old border river. It is the Pähkinäsaari of peace for the year 1323. It was between Sweden and Novgorod peace.

The boys of Kuvansi is smiling on the bridge.

Happy sons Teddy and Victor are standing on the bridge, which is between East and West.

Next, we visited Kimmo’s stables

There will be trained and groomed to saddle horses. Stable has 22 horses seats. In winter, they are training in the riding hall, which is 1,500 square meters.

Rider Master Kimmo Kinnunen, Teddy's father

Kimmo has won six times the Finnish championship and won the silver medal in the Nordic Championships and was sixth in the World Cup.
More information:

Kimmo’s horse stables

Fantastic horses. All pupils like these horses.

Kinnunen family

Kimmo is Teddy´s father and his mother is Pirjo.

Shop in Kuvansi

Can you see the bear?

Kuwaitin Keidas is a restaurant.

A small restaurant near the school.

Kuvansi kindergarten

Day Care Center has two buildings. There is a pre-school education. Their pupils are six years old.

Kuvansi street

Can you find an old, small tractor?

Kuvansi school

This was our trip. We hope you can enjoy our photos.