Thursday, March 18, 2010

Welcome to our region- East Lothian!

This is a map of our region, East Lothian. East Lothian is found to the east of Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh. It's a beautiful region, with many lovely fields of farmland, rolling hills and a very attractive coastline. We have many beaches here in East Lothian- but the sea is not warm. Even in summer, the temperature of the water is only around 12- 13C, so if you want to swim here, you need to be able to get in and out of the water quickly!

There are several towns in East Lothian. Haddington is the largest town in the centre of the region, and other main towns include North Berwick, Musselburgh Tranent and Dunbar. We hope you can see our village of Gifford on the map! Welcome to East Lothian...

Gifford village

Our school is in the village of Gifford. About 700 people live in the village.

This is Gifford's beautiful church.

The village is in a valley in the Lammermuir hills. The Lammermuirs are known even in Savonlinna- where at Olavinlinna each year, an opera called Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor takes place! It's a small world!

In and around Haddington

Haddington is East Lothian's main administrative town. Around 9000 people live in the town.

This is the River Tyne, which flows through Haddington.

The River Tyne is East Lothian's biggest river.

Here is St Mary's church, which is on the banks of the river.


There are many castles in East Lothian. Most are just ruins now.

This is Tantallon Castle, which is near North Berwick.

Here is Dirleton Castle, which is in the village of Dirleton, west of North Berwick.

The Bass Rock

This is the Bass Rock. It is a huge rock, that sits in the sea, close to the town of North Berwick. You can visit the Bass Rock on a boat.

North Berwick

North Berwick is a very popular town in summer. Around 6200 people live there. North Berwick is next to the sea, and there are two lovely beaches there.

This beach is very close to North Berwick. It's called Seacliff beach.

This is a short video, showing North Berwick!

The town of Dunbar

This is Dunbar harbour. Around 7000 people live in Dunbar.


Dunbar's High Street.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Film making in class!

Last week we had a French film-maker in our class, called Pascal. He was filming us as we came to the end of a mini-project we did with a class in France and another class in Latvia.
We all prepared a three course European meal, and ate it live during a video-conference with the other classes. We also sung songs we had learned in the other two languages to each other. It was great fun!

Filming in class

We have prepared the Latvian dessert and we're showing it off to both the classes in France and Latvia"!

Filming in class

Filming us eating the Latvian dessert!