Friday, January 15, 2010

What a wonderful winter!

We have PE lesson today and we skied in the forest . The weather was good and we skied 3 km. The forest is especially beautiful this winter. There is a lot of snow in the forest, as you can see. We hope that you enjoy these pictures.


Mr Purves said...

Fantastic pictures! :-)

You are enjoying some beautiful snow conditions there- and I am sure that my class would love to be able to ski like your class do!

Mr Purves

Sinikka said...


You have a lot of snow in Finland1 How deep is your snow?


Arja said...

i really like your pictures.
did you enjoy skiing?


Irja said...

Hi it looks amazing i wish i lived in Finland

Eveliina said...

Brilliant pictures

You seem to have wonderful weather.I would love to go skiing in that weather.I hope you are enjoying the snow.


Sinikka said...

Fantastic Pictures!

All your snow looks beautiful! I wish we had snow like that!


sini said...

You must of had lots of snow this winter!

AHVO said...

Good skiing!


Mari :-) said...

Hi Finland your winter looked fabulos. I have realy enjoyed looking at your pictures. :-)


Sinikka said...

Hi Kuvansi!

You seem to have been enjoying lots of snow:-)

Is all of your snow still on the ground?

Did you enjoy skiing? Is it your favourite subject in gym?