Monday, January 18, 2010

Rock climbing at Tranent Indoor Wall

Earlier today, some of us went with some of Mr Darling's class to learn how to rock climb, at Tranent Indoor Climbing Wall.
There, we learned some very important skills from our Outdoor Education specialist, Andy Duff:-
1) How to use the correct safety equipment when rock climbing.
2) How important it is to work safely.
3) How to work together well and support each other.
4) How to have fun!

And, it was great fun! Mr Purves, who did most of the filming, also had a go himself, and he enjoyed it too!
The rest of the Primary 5 class will have plenty to look forward to when they go rock climbing in February.


Jasmine said...

Hello!what kind of climbing that?

Sinikka said...

Hi Jasmine! That is indoor rock climbing!