Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome to our village!

This is our village- Gifford. We thought that you would all like to see where we live. It would also be nice for us to see a bit of Kuvansi and Skaelskoer.

This photo was taken in spring time, and it shows the village hall.

Near to the centre

This picture was also taken in spring time. It shows houses close to the centre of the village.

A typical street.

Today, we all went out with digital cameras and walked around the village, taking photos. It's autumn here, and the leaves were looking lovely.
This street is close to the school. Are the houses in your town like these ones?

The Park

Here, we have part of the park. It's actually very large, and has a large football field in the middle, as well as swings and places for children to play. In the summer lots of people use the park. Today though, we thought the trees looked nice!

Yester Estate

These gates lead into Yester Estate. This is a private part of Gifford.

A typical back garden!

We took this photo because it shows what some back gardens in Gifford look like. Can you see all the vegetables?

Towards the centre of the village

Here, you can see the centre of the village in the distance. The trees on the left are part of The Avenue, leading to the park.

The Avenue

This photo shows the autumn leaves well in The Avenue, next to the park.

We also had some fun here in The Avenue, throwing up some of the leaves, as you can see!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kuvansi introductions

Hello to everyone!

Kuvansi introductions- Victor

My name is Victor. I have got one dog and two cats. I've got father and mother. I am ten years old. I'm in primary four. My favourite subject at school is mathematic. My favourite food is spaghetti. I live in Kuvansi. And I like also computers.

Kuvansi introductions- Teddy

My name is Teddy. I am ten years old. My hobby is boxing and I like Duudsons. My favourite pet is dog. I live in the countryside. We have many horses and one dog. My favourite food is pasta.

Kuvansi introductions- Suzy

My name is Suzy. I'm ten yers old. And I'm primary 4. I like pets. I've got three sisters and one bother. And I've got a dog, a rat and two cats! My favourite food is spaghetti. My favourite drinks  is cocoa. I like my friends and my school. My hobbies are latino dance, piano and drama.

Kuvansi introductions- Michael

My name is Michael. I`m nine years old. I´ve got one brother. My hobbies are juniorclub and floorball. I want to hear lots of Scotlad and Denmark schools.

Kuvansi introductions- Mary

I´m Mary. I`m ten years old. I have two brothers. I have one cat and three chickens. My favourite food is chicken and rice and favourite drink is  Coca Cola. My favourite subjects are football and needlework. I have light  and short hair and green eyes.

Kuvansi introductions- Linda

My name is Linda. I like dogs. I have 8 cats and 2 dogs. My favourite food is mashed potatoes and fish fingers. My hobbies are football and dance. I have 8 sisters and 2 brothers. I live in the countryside and we have very big courtyard.

Kuvansi introductions- Kitty

My names is Kitty. I have one brother and one younger sister. I live beside the like. We have big house. I am ten years old and I`m in primary 4. My favourite food is chips and wieren. My favourite drink is Sprite.

Kuvansi introductions- Julie

My name is Julie. I live in Tahkoranta in the old school. I have a dog, called Piki. We have 8 chickens and a rooster. I have 2 brothers. My favourite food is meatballs and chips. I am 10 years old and I am in primary 4. My favourite colour is black. I like to play with Bratzs and I like drawing. I love dogs. 

Kuvansi introductions- Jasmine

I am Jasmine. I´m ten years old.I live in Kuvansi.I have got one sister and one brother. I´m in primary 4. My favourite subject is PE. My favourite food is chicken and my favourite drink is Coca Cola. I haven`t got animals. My favourite colors are blue and green. My sister is four years old and my brother is seven years old. My hobby is football. I love animals.

Kuvansi introductions- Jane

I'm ten years old. I have got one brother and one sister. I am in primary 4. My hobbies is football and rollerblading. I love football. My favourite food is spagetti. My favourite colors are blue, green and red. I have got one dog. 

Kuvansi introductions- James

I am James. I am ten years old. I am in primary 4. My hobbie are orienteering, skiing and  scouting. My favourite food is pizza and favourite drink is Coca cola. I haven`t any pets. I have one older brother. I like cross- country skiing and endurance running, too.

Kuvansi introductions- Jake

My name is Jake! I live in Kuvansi. I got one dog. My favourite food is pizza.
I`m ten years old. My hobby is fishing. I`ve got two big brothers.

Kuvansi introductions- Jack

Hi ! 
My name is Jack. I am 10 years old. I have two sisters. We have 2 dogs and 7 puppies . We have 3 rabbits and 2 ducks. The ducks are very good swimmers. we have 7 chickens and 1 rooster, too.My hobbies are football and fishing. I have played  football 2 years. My favourite food is liver casserole. 

Kuvansi introductions- Isabel

My name is Isabel. I am  ten years old. I live in Kuvansi. I have two brothers. I have no pets. My favourite food is chicken. My favourite drink is Coca Cola. My favourite pet is a dog. I like play football. And I like to  play  the piano, too.  My favourite color is green.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hello from Denmark!

Hello Finland and Scotland.
We are so looking forward to working with you and here we give you our introductions.
We have not got our school photos yet so we will post those later.
Best regard
Lene Sieling

Skaelskoer introductions - Mathias

Hello my name is Mathias. I am
eleven years old. I have one sister and one bother. I have to dogs and one guinea pig. I love computer games. I love pizza and my farvorite drink is cola.

Skaelskoer introductions - Majsmis

Hello my name Is Majsmis.
I`m eleven years old.
I have a one stepbrother and three stepsisters and to sisters.
My mum is a teacher and my dad a housepainter.
I like chicken and pizza.
I have a hamster.

Skaelskoer introductions - Tricia

Hello my name is Tricia and I am 11 years old.I live with my mother, father and twin sister.I have three rabbits, one bird and one dog. My parents own a restaurant with the name Solsikken.I will be glad to hear from you!!

Skaelskoer introductions - Benja N

Hello my name is Benja N I am eleven years old.I have two brothers, my little brother is 7 years old and my big brother is 17 years old.I live in a house in Eggeslevmagle togeter whith my mom,dad,brother Lukas,dogs yamina and kenso.My favorite food is pizza and my favorite drink is green fanta.My hobby is football and badminton.

Skaelskoer introductions - Duster

Hi! my name is Duster I am 11 years old. I have a brother and a sister, my brother is 23 and my sister is 26. I live in a house in Skaelskor together whith my mom, dad, my dog Rex and my 3 cats Bamse, Lady, and Lillemis. my favorite food is pizza and my favorite drink is green fanta. My hobby is football and I love it. I love to have svimming and P.E. in the school too.

Skaelskoer introductions - Vitter

Hello my name is Vitter. I am eleven yers old. My favorite food is pizza and my favorite drink is juice. I love to play football and my favorite team is fck. My father works in a factory there is making ketchup and my mother is a teacher. My pets is two cats called Frøns and Mille. My sister have a horse called Jolly and we all have a horse called Odessa. I look forward to hear about Scotland and Finland and write with you.

From Vitter.

Skaelskoer introductions - Nathia

My name is Nathia, and I am elleven years old.
I have five animals. - a dog, a bird and three rabbits.
I love animals, so I ride horses every Wendsday. It´s very funny.
I live together with my mother, father and my sister Tricia. Me and Tricia are twinns.
My favorite fruit is strawberry.

Hope I hear from you!

Skaelskoer introductions - Jacob

Hello my name is Jacob I am 10 years old.
I like football.
I also like to play on my computer.
My favorite food is pizza.

Skaelskoer introductions - Albert

Hallo my name Albert and is 11 years old.I live with mother is a homehelper,my father work in a factory.And my hobby is football.

Skaelskoer introductions - Patrick

Hi!! My mame is Patrick and im twelve years old. I have two sisters, and one brother. My favorite food/drink is pizza and cola.

Skaelskoer introductions - Mimi

Hello my name is Mimi I am ten years old I have two brothers a big brother and a little brother I have tre cats and one dog I alså have a guinea pig and I hope to see you later and I hope I some day come to Scothland my farvorite drink is cola and I love pizza.

Skaelskoer introductions - Julie

Hello my name is Julie im 12 years old.
I like football.
I like pizza.
My mother works at homehelper and my dad works at carpenter.
I have a dog, Cosmo, and 4 cats, Trine, Oliver, Fie, Sofie, 2 turtles, Tobias, Niklas, and a lots of fish.

Skaelskoer introductions - Stine

Hi.I am Stine.I am 10 years old.I play football
Thursday, friday I am with my grandma. Monday, wednesday and thursday i am with my grandma and granddad. I have two dogs, Tabby and Hassan.